The Things Family and its Histories of Design

Something had become a rising star in design. His news hit every magazine. As a father, Everything was of course overjoyed. During dinner, Everything, half-drunk, recalled that he had also won some grand prizes in his youth. ‘Something inherited the gift from our Everything family,’ he claimed. The mother, Nothing, interrupted. That winning design, she said, was originally her idea. Father just took it. Nothing thought Something’s talent came from her.
In the middle Everything and Nothing’s argument over their beloved Something’s endowments, their maid Anything joined in. Anything had rarely been on Everything’s side. Now, doing her mistress justice, she also meant to say a few fair words. Anything said the sister Otherthing also had a gift for design. It was just that the father never encouraged her, and she gave up. The father was unfair.
Facing such a dinner battle, Everything was for a while wordless. Then he heard Otherthing picked up her spoon. Otherthing had her soup, and said, ‘I’ve done so much for this dinner. Bon appetit!’